My New Blog Website

Posted on 19 Nov 2012, tagged blogjekyll

This is my new blog website, just as simple and as good as my imagine. It is powered by jekyll - a ruby tool to generate a static website. I am using wordpress to write a Chinese blog, too. But its editor is not good enough to write with. On the other hand, jekyll makes it possible to write with markdown, which is really a good tool for writing. Also, a static website is efficient and awesome.

But this site is too simple now. There are some features I missed, such as search box, comment, archives by date, index by tags and so on. Some of them could be solved by third party, and some of them could be solved by plugins. But it makes the blog not so simple any more.

With so many cool techs nowadays, it is easy to write a website. But it is not so easy to generate a static website with many features. Here is something about balance. They said “keep it stupid and simple”, and “less is more”. It is really an art to find out how less is just good for a production. Even the user himself doesn’t exactly know how much he wanted.

Anyway, here is my new blog. Have fun and enjoy it!

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