Remove Categories

Posted on 10 Dec 2012, tagged blogcategorypaginationtag

I removed categories from my blog today. I did this for some reasons:

  • I need pagination. But there is no neat way to paginate in categories index.
  • I can focus on writing but not thinking which category I should put my new post.
  • Tag is enough. Though index by tags is not available now, I will figure out a way.
  • It keeps this site more simple!

Cause I did not index my posts by categories, the urls have changed a little. Maybe it will affect Google’s index and my blog’s search. But since my blog is relatively new, I will accept it. (It is not a big deal since I’m thinking about change my site’s domain).

Here is some thoughts about tags. I have seen lots of tag plugins for jekyll, but most of them could only index by one tag. I prefer to see how many posts are under several tags. I may use Javascript to do it some day.

By the way, I’m not good at html and css. Other open sourced jekyll site helped me a lot. Especially the source code of my old colleague’s blog. When I have some questions, just look at the source code and it will be clear.

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