Tired of Programming

Posted on 30 Aug 2013, tagged programming

These days, I learned a lot. The more I learned, the more I am tired of programming.

I don’t know why modern programming looks so complex, and so ugly. I mean, it should not be.

Because of this, there have been some time I’m thinking about to give up programming. But if I cannot abstract what I make, what am I able to do?

So I’m planning to write a series of articles to specify the details, and research on them. It’s not about the theory. Theories just point out what you can, but not point out how to do it in the real world. The problem now is not I cannot do it, but I cannot do it in a clean way.

The areas include:

  • Database: Why we need to write so many codes to do operations on database?
  • Language: Why every language have a disadvantage? And almost in every case, I must use the only language;
  • Communication: Is there a good way to communication between threads, processes and machines?
  • Font-end: What’s a good way to abstracts UI, and the relationship between UI and logic?
  • Server: Why I cannot just focus on the logic?

These areas are related to each other. All of them are: why it is so complex that we cannot focus on what we want to do? When we write a program, we must put most of our energy on the same, annoying, and not relevant problems.

I don’t know how long it will take to research on them, but I must finish them. Because before that, I cannot feel happy while writing code. Good luck to me!

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