Comment Everywhere

Posted on 29 Mar 2013, tagged programminglifechromejavascript

These days I’m working on a new chrome extension: comment everywhere. It is an extension to allow you to comment on any web pages. It will have these features:

  • Of cause, comment on any web pages.
  • Show the web pages you have comment.
  • Show some web pages that have most comments.
  • Get comments from SNS.

The first three features have been implied. I’m working on fetching comments from now.

I have learned a lot while I write this extension. Both technology part and the non-technology part. The technology part is I’m using these techniques:

  • Node.js as backend.
  • MongoDB as database.
  • Javascript for extension develop.
  • CSS and HTML for UI and homepage design.

I’d like to say json is awesome.

The non-technology part is I really learned you always spend more time to write a product than you thought. I spend almost a month to write such a extension (though I have less time to code this month). It makes me more modest.

Though the basic features have been complete, it takes more to make it looks like a real product. But I believe I’m on the road.

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