Life in Guangzhou

Posted on 04 Mar 2013, tagged life

I realize there have been a lot of time since my last blog. These days I’m a little busy. I moved out from Beijing and I’m in Guangzhou now. There happens a lot in Beijing. I always want to write a blog about it, but I need some time to sum them up. The simple way to say it is: I had an intern on both a start up (AVOS) and a big company (Redhat), and really learned a lot. I also have learned about how to make a life: rent an apartment, make contact with all kinds of people and so on.

Now I’m in Guangzhou. Mainly because of my girlfriend and the desire of learn more. And I’d like to find if the environment (both IT industry environment and live environment) is better here. The days in Guangzhou is good. But the climate is a little changeable here. I just rent a good apartment and furnished it. So there are only one thing left: Find a job. I hope to find a job related to Linux kernel (or device driver) and embed device. But if the job is really good, website backends is OK, too.

About programming of these days. I’m doing two things: Submit patches to Linux kernel while I read the source code and find something should be fix. And write a web app with Node.js and a binding chrome extension. These two things are really fun.

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